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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> tonight at 10:00 frightening new details about the deadly plane crash in san francisco including two flight attendants miraculous stories. >> i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. >> three women locked up inside this cleveland home for years speak out for the first time since their rescue. >> also tonight unanswered questions remain in the death of a 7-year-old with autism. one day after he was found dead near his home investigators are trying to figure out how and when he died. >> we begin tonight with breaking news out of herndon, virginia and a story you'll see first on fox 5. u.s. are serving a former marine with an arrest warrant. adam coach curb -- coke curb is
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accused of using a weapon. he cis he believes in the right to bear arms -- he says he believes in the right to bear arms. he load add shotgun in defiance in the d.c. law. residents are permitted to keep guns in their homes or businesses. guns cannot be carried in public. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. >> now to another big story we're following tonight. a lot of questions surrounding the death of a little boy found in d.c. >> he was found in a locked car but that car and area had been searched by police, his family and members of the community. >> earlier tonight they released new details but they can't figure out if he was in the car the entire time they searched. >> are they close to figuring out the mystery?
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>> today's autopsy is helping but it will take further test together tell police how he died. he had no signs of trauma to his buddy but he had been dead sometime before he was found late monday afternoon. >> it was -- assistant police chief who would tell reporters the autopsy on little michael kingsbury had not determined how the 7-year-old with autism died. most people following the case had one major concern. >> m.p.d. has received a number of questions regarding the extent of the search for michael. >> as d.c. police recruits were fanning out across the trinidad section of northeast washington monday not far from gallaudet university 7-year-old michael kingsbury was dead inside an band didn't car a few yards from his family's back door -- adan didn't. >> i mean the whole community wants to know because everybody got involved with this.
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>> the lady is the boy's mother katrina kingsbury not knowing she was steps from her son's body. >> the family conducted an initial search before the police arrived the family has told homicide detectives that they did in fact look inside the vehicle where michael's body was recovered. >> that's the car there on the far left. you can barely see it hidden by the tree branches. it's light colored and feet from steps to the kingsbury second floor home on west virginia avenue straight ahead there we shot this image during the day monday. >> at approximately 130 on sunday an m.p.d. officer looked inside the vehicle where michael was discovered and did not see him. he described the vehicle as being locked at the time. >> he says four different officers at 4:00 times had looked into the car and seen nothing before a veteran detective made the discovery more than 30 hours after the boy went missing sunday morning.
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that's the scene there behind the police cars in this frozen image. >> he saw something in there that he thought was peculiar and he called an official over there to force entry in the car. >> it -- as it turned out many had looked but not carefully enough. >> still a mystery is how and when michael kingsbury got into the car. it's been taken in as evidence. perhaps those answers will come to light if the coming hours, will. >> bob issue thank you -- bob, thank you. >> now the latest on the plane crash in san francisco. the ntsb is giving us a clear picture of what was going on inside the cockpit when the flight went down to. today we learned more about the four pilots on board. jennifer davis has the latest from san francisco international. >> during two days of questioning, the pilots of asiana flight 214 that automatic throttled -- not tells were set
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properly but the plane slowed. >> one sat in the cabin with passengers and crew and the other three together in the cockpit with the trainee pilot on the left and his instructor in the right seat. >> he reported this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. this was the first time that he and the flying pilot that he was instructing had flown together. >> asiana airlines says the pilot was certified as a trainer last month. teams of federal investigators are combing through the fuselage inside and out tnt s.b. chair walking the debris wall -- ntsb chair. >> you can see aircraft parts, galley materials, newspapers, magazines, and flooring.
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>> meantime asiana c.e.o. mobbed by the media at sf. oh airport. he plans to meet with the ntsb -- s.f.o. one survivor does not hold a grudge. >> everybody is pointing. >> would you fly asiana again? >> yeah i have nothing against the airline per se. >> two of the asiana flight attendants were ejected and both survived. >> at san francisco airport, jennifer davis, fox news. >> a criminal investigation has been opened into the deadly train derailment in canada. investigators found evidence that has led to a criminal probe. 13 people died. 40 others are missing. more than 1,000 people who were forced to evacuate are being allowed to return home. >> held captive for a decade
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three women who were locked away inside a cleveland home are breaking their silence in freedom. they're giving thanks to the people who have helped them make the transition from captivity to i did dependence. the fund has $1 million. the three women speak of strength and courage while maintaining a positive outlook on life. fox has a closer look tonight. >> more than two months after their rescue we're getting a look at an much different amanda berry, gene ya -- gina dejesus and michelle knight. the three women are speaking out for the first time. day has sues -- day has sues addressed the public. >> i would say thank you for support. >> michelle knight was 21 years old when she was taken and imprisoned. >> she says despite her ordeal she remains positive. >> i may have been through hell
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and back but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and with my head held high and my feet firmly on the ground. >> amanda berry has been hailed a hero. she managed to escape where they were held and contacted police. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it's been unbelievable. i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. i'm getting stronger each day and i'm having my privacy has helped immensely. i ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> barry gave birth to a child now 6-years-old while being held in that home. former bus driver ariel castro is the lone suspect in the case. he has pleaded not guilty to a 300 29 count indictment.
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prosecutors are considering the death 10 -- penalty. his trial is scheduled to start next month. in new york ainges lee earhart fox news. >> -- new tonight four people are in custody in connection with a robbery last month. a 19-year-old and three minors all arrested accused of attacking and robbing a 31-year-old man. this could be part of a bigger story if the same guys are linked to several robberies last month all across rustin but police have not made links. >> wal-mart officials will be watching the actions of d.c. city council tomorrow. the council is expected to vote on the living wage bill. it requires large retailers to pay their workers $5 an hour more than the minimum wage. today wal-mart announced if this bill passes it will not three -- build three stores and may
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opt-out of stores under construction in the city. >> take it outside another grey day for most of us. then a late appearance from the sun picked up a few storms. sue palka joins us with what we can expect for the rest of the evening. >> shawn, it's so muggy but dewpoints are really uncomfortable and we are seeing showers on radar. some heavier downpours closer to ocean city. first will be radar. some of the activity south of ocean city very slow to move out and dropping rain. close to d.c. just in the last hour we've seen a line of shower develop -- line of showers develop. you may see those showers over in charles county but i don't see any lightening with those and then there's still another batch another disturbance off to our west that will keep an eye on that. that might produce a few showers here and there.
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certainly going to add to the humidity tilt -- humidity. it looks like part of that disturbance will be moving through other area again. so bottom line a couple showers around tonight. not sure we'll have a rumble of thumb -- thunder. we're certainly going to keep it muggy. i don't think we get much cooler than 75 degrees tonight. guess what. a little bit more of the same tomorrow and any showers and storms we see developing tomorrow will also have the develop to drop heavy rain. we'll talk more about that. we're going to be talking about shouldn't tall, yes our tropical storm is out there. more details on that later. will and shawn. >> we see disasters every day a but are you ready to act in a life or death situation. tonight preparing every day people for real emergencies so you know what to do. >> after the break an emotional interview with a mom one year after her daughter's murder and
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police have not given up on her case. >> stay with us. we're just getting started. >> 
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one year ago a mother's worst dream came true. sara green haul was shot, her house was set on fire and her killer is still on the loose. her family is hoping the suspect will be caught soon. fox 5 beth parker has the lat t latest. >> i love her face. i love the fact her hair is not perfect. i look at it all the time. >> a favorite feet is one of the ways she remembers her daughter. she wears her jewelry often but especially today the one year anniversary her daughter was found dead, shot in the neck, her home set on fire. >> i cry a lot. always anything and everything remind me of her. >> including the peaceful place
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in pools ville, maryland. the child home where younger sara used to ride a pony and work in the stables. >> just knowing shows around and knowing you can talk to her just her presence is just so deeply missed. >> sarah was a journalist and still photographer just before her death on her facebook page she referred to a person as crazy boy. investigators have interviewed individuals about the case but have not made arrests. >> this person has removed a wonderful wonderful person from this planet. >> a spokesman for the fauquier county sheriff's office told fox 5 they are working methodically to build case that can be put before the jury and sara's mother has -- doubt. >> in criminal cases you cannot discuss the case. i know very little but they know a lot. and they can't discuss it. so to the public who are no
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about it looks like nothing is happening but a lot is happening. i really believe in them. >> she says she has drawn enormous strength from sara's friends who framed that favorite photo and created memory books for her. >> it's been one of the most healing things that could have happend. >> -- happened. >> i miss her in so many just even the tiniest ways. she was a great movie pal. she's the best driver. and i'm terrified of being on the highway and so i felt safe. >> not knowing that the person who made others feel safe wasn't safe herself. now sara was 48 years old when she died. the maryland high school she attended has planted a tree in her honor and hosted an art show displaying sara's work. >> we're learning new details in the murder case involving former new england patriot aaron hernandez. documents reveal some of the
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suspects that hernandez admitted to shooting odin lloyd and police wanted a car connected with a double murder and that had been rented in the name of hernandez. >> the key issue in the george zimmerman murder trial. why he shot and killed trayvon martin. today the defense explained how he did it. fill keating is in sanford florida. >> for just the third time in the trial jurors watched attorneys pull out the infamous hoody. this time used by george zimmermans defense along with the fruit drink to bolster zimmerman's version of what he said happened -- martin was on top straddling zimmerman and he's supported forensically. >> the wound itself by the gap in the face of contact of the
10:19 pm
clothing indicates that this is consis zimmerman's account that he, that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense expert analyzing these photos supporting zimmerman's claim that trayvon martin was pummeling his first and smashing his head into the walk kay -- walkway but on prosecution they exploited the fact that this expert has been paid $2,000 to testify and cannot say who instigated the altercation. >> you can't say whether it was trayvon martin defending himself or george zimmerman defending himself in terms of when this first started? >> when it first started, that's correct, sir. >> i'm not having a jury it is back here for another 45 minutes doing nothing. >> this morning an mid to deborah judge postponed a critical hearing on a defense produced animation it wants the jury to see.
10:20 pm
the animation is based on crime scene data a 911 call and one partial eyewitness account. itself serving inaccurate and confusing. >> mainly juror development in egypt as the country leader announced a transition plan. interim president named a new prime minister. he outlined a seven months timetable for new elections. the muslim brotherhood viewed to -- vowed to continue protesting until morsi is returned to leadership. >> earlier today a venezuelan leader said he would accept snowden. >> we've been clear we would look to see him returned and i don't think it should come as a surprise that if he was
10:21 pm
impacted asylum that would impact our bilateral relationship. >> snowden has not been seen. bolivia and nicaragua are offering him asylum. >> coming up on the 10 touching remarks from vice president joe biden. >> same-sex marriage ceremony took place on capitol hill during a crucial time during immigration shin reform tonight on the news edge at 11:00. >> ♪
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aclu will file a similar lawsuit to legalize same-sex marriage in virginia. >> legal troubles for virginia governor shawn. the 21-year-old was arrested and charged with public intoxication in charlottesville where he will be a senior. he was released and is scheduled to be back in court next month. >> the governor is dealing with his legal problems. a state senator is calling him onto come clean on a couldn't view -- controversy that has been doing him. mcdonald has received gifts that he did not disclose. fairfax city chat fear son appeared on fox 5 -- chat peterson. >> i don't see what's preventing the governor from telling people
10:26 pm
what happened unless he is facing criminal liability and if that's the case then maybe he should step down. >> the f.b.i. is investigating the governor's relationship with johnny williams senior who owns star scientific. williams has not received benefit from him since he's been governor. >> from plane crashes to tornadoes are you ready for the un inspected? teaching people to think fast and move quickly. >> [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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every day we bring you stories of people who take ordinary acts. we found a program to get you
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prepared for emergencies and it's absolutely free. sherri ly shows us. >> 911. do you need fire, medical or police? >> an emergency life or death can come down to minutes. >> time can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. >> we've watched tornadoes rip through oklahoma a building kopp collapse in philadelphia and a dereco. there is never a shortage of emergencies or disasters. and now there is no shortage of information and training on how to survive. >> teach them how to put out small fires, deal with medical situations and to do medical triage. >> captain hawkins runs the
10:31 pm
community response program known as certificate taught nationwide for free -- anyone can sign up for the training which involves eight lessons over 20 hours and it can be a mind changing experience. >> it empowers you to go from a point of thinking you're a victim to thinking you can assist not just yourself but others to respond to any emergency or disaster -- >> volunteers learn what to do until emergency responders arrived. they're taught with the classroom and with real-time emergency drills. >> the search and rescue if you can hear me please come to me if you're capable. >> hello. >> this drill simulated a tornado with a partial building collapse. >> we've got two searchers down. >> and victims suffering from very real looking injuries. >> members of the delmarva
10:32 pm
search and rescue team helped these search teams stay calm in the chaos. >> we got two victims over here. >> the way to the training is designed is taking you from absolutely no experience or education and any sort of disaster response and bringing you up to an area where at least you can be self-sufficient in an disaster. >> john, what's the status of your patient? is he conscious? >> they can take this training anywhere they go on vacation or their church or place of business. they can use this training. >> that training kicked in when certificate volunteer drove up on an accident. >> you go in prepare mode -- >> she didn't hesitating control. >> i was able to assist and make sure the victims were okay and
10:33 pm
then to try to direct traffic so that none of the other people would get hurt you know or another accident would happen. >> knowing what to do gives her an invaluable tool. >> it gives you the ability to trust in your instincts. >> it will allow you the knowledge and confidence to do what you can. >> because when you're waiting for rescuers to get there someone's life maybe in your hands. >> it takes one to help one you know. we have to help each other. >> it's a good way to help your community and get involved and fill a need. >> we need help now. >> is he conscious? >> he's semi conscious. >> an outcome that could come down the very basics. >> plan to prepare or prepare to fail. >> she's concerned about her daughter. her daughter is coming out. >> sherri ly, fox 5 news ooc. t
10:34 pm
>> firefighters from across the country paid their final respects today to the 19 arizona firefighters killed in the line of duty -- firefighters were killed after a wildfire picked up and blew out of control. so many people attended today's ceremony crowds were forced to watch from outside an arena's doors. vice president biden and arizona governor brewer attended. >> they were 19 heroes. gone at the turn of the wind. >> they embraced life to save lives. a cliff jumper, a son of a firefighter, confident, committed, determined, trustworthy, passionate. they were firefighters. >> the service was the last of handful of memorials for the men before the first of 19 funerals
10:35 pm
begin later in the week. >> it is a test many women are eager to take but fear the cost. tonight a new supreme court ruling is working in their favor and one d.c. lawmakers wants to make sure everyone who works in d.c. gets paid sick leave. more on the proposal when we come back. >> car thieves are picking up more pickups. the ford f-250 is the most popular target for car thieves and the top 10 hot vehicles are pickups or s.u.v.'s. >> but one car you might think twice about lifting the hyundai santa fe. the government is investigating 50,000 of the s.u.v.'s after complaints of the vehicle can suddenly lose power which is never a good thing. >> meantime america's biggest grocery chain is getting bigger. kroger is buying another supermarket adding 250 stores putting the chain in 34 states
10:36 pm
and washington, d.c. >> travellers are taking a bite of the big apple. new york city is tops as far as u.s. destinations. the runner up los angeles. >> that's business. i'm neil cavuto. >> 
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geico's defensive driver, enginegood student andke 13. multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineer: if you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... arrrrr. arrrrr. arrrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. honestly, i feel like i nailed that.
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get to your local subway for the delectable, new prime rib melt built fresh from the bread up! savory cuts of tender prime rib in an au jus glaze with deliciously melty provolone, hurry in for a taste you won't soon forget! subway. eat fresh. alength -- along with vacation time employers are required to provide sick days but some workers were exempt including restaurant workers. >> the last place you want a sick person is near the food you're about to eat. the afl-cio released this
10:40 pm
picture as they try to push for restaurants to pay all servers sick pay and they have council member tommy wells on their side. >> we do not want employees to serve us food sick. >> over the weekend he read an audit of an crude sick and safe lead act -- accrued sick and safe lead act. wells says this audit proves it won't hurt business. >> it said that no business left because of paid sick leave being required and it did not discourage new businesses for coming into the district. that has worked well for d.c. >> the restaurant association issued this statement saying the bulk of a tipped workers'
10:41 pm
compensation does not come from the employer but directly from the patrons the restaurant taking away the employee's option to swap shifts by requiring employers to pay a set amount for a lost shift translates to significant loss to employee while imposing onerous recordkeeping on employers. there are other groups that are excludedd from this plan bartenders and healthcare workers -- they want to take a look at this, talk to small business owners and then after recess come back and introduce legislation to bring everybody under one plan. >> in the newsroom, matt acklin fox 5 news. >> coming up on the news edge at 11:00 we're staying on top of breaking news in hearne onto, virginia. law enforcement agencies are
10:42 pm
carrying out a search warrant of adam kokesh. we have a reporter working the scene for the latest information. we'll have a live report on the news edge at 11:00. >> 
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in tonight's health watch a supreme court ruling on again patents is making more affordable to save lives and could save insurance companies money down the road -- again. >> the brack ka gene is a human again linked to cancer. genetically predisposed men and women have found it difficult to afford this test which cost up to $4,000 due to the patent held on the testing by myriad genetics the company that invented the test. but last month the supreme court
10:46 pm
banned patents on genes. this brack ka again gives patients a heads up on cancer -- carriers realize the testing is cost effective. >> even if the company has to pay for a prophylactic mastectomy and it costs $50,000, that is less than the care for a breast cancer patient. >> most will cover this test. what was once an uphill battle is a taken bl and life-saving. we talked with connecticut resident gabby with an history of breast cancer in her family
10:47 pm
-- attainable. >> get manying -- getting tested is a huge relief to me because now i know i can fight it. >> gabby plans to have a double mastectomy a procedure her insurance will cover. in new york laura ingle fox news. >> country singer randy travis is in critical condition at an dallas hospital for viral cardiomyopathy which weakens and can lead to heart failure. in some cases treatment includes lifestyle changes, surgery and medical devices. >> march rya carry -- mariah carey was injured. she dislocated her shoulder and she'll be wearing a sling for a couple weeks. the superstar and former american idol judge promises to
10:48 pm
perform saturday at an concert to raise money for sandy victims. >> medical issues for placido dome midge go -- domingo. his representatives say he is expected to make a full recovery. >> rusty the red panda is back home in the national zoo reeastd into his habitat -- released. the rain wade down some trees and bamboo and he used them to make a great escape. the branches have been trimmed to mainly sure rusty does not escape again. >> he is so cute. >> he is. >> hopefully he's enjoying all this warm weather. >> come on bamboo let's do some growing. >> more rain and one more escape. >> that's what we're going to be dealing with tomorrow.
10:49 pm
i think it will be a lot like today. don't worry we're going to find you a oxygen tank. >> our poor cool. you've got a summer cold. now she's got a coughing jag going but tonight isn't that washington monument looking spectacular as the scrim is lit up and it really does look quite beautiful out there. boy is it humid. that's what we're noticing tonight. we're going to talk about the humidity in a moment. high temperatures in 80s like here at b.w.i. the reason we have a lot of clouds around. sun broke later in the day and it didn't come out until 5:00 o'clock or so so i think tomorrow once again we're going to have a good amount of cloud o
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
our west later tonight. certainly it will bring a deck of clouds back into the area. our overnight temperature not cool in any stretch of the imagination 75 degrees and very muggy out there. maybe scattered but light showers off to our west. tomorrow 88 degrees but then we'll cook up showers and storms. we'll do that again thursday. as we prepare for showers and storms i will not rule anything out.
10:52 pm
at 8:00 in the morning 79 degrees with clouds. a few peeks of sun at the noon hour. the more sun the heavier the showers by 4:00. we expect them to be pretty good rain producers. here's the latest on chantal. we will be getting a new track southeast of san juan 220 miles. we will have an 11:00 update and that's what i will show you. >> 88 degrees for the next couple days. i have good news. i think the frontal boundary that triggers the storms and showers could bring us a nicer friday and saturday. how about mid-80s less of a chance of a thunderstorm and then we'll watch it sunday monday time frame for more showers and storms. we'll talk about whether we see anything from chantal at 11:00. feel better my friend.
10:53 pm
>> thank you, sue. >> fox 5 sports is brought to you by ford. go further. >> they kind of remind me to take a break from that thing. the washington castles tied the 1971 1972 lakers with 33 consecutive wins. it is the longest win streak in pro sports history. tonight was their opportunity to break that record and continue with their legacy so did they do it? lindsay murphy is here with our answer. >> will, they did it and you can sense the excitement this whole week. you kind of had a feeling this was coming. today head coach murphy jenson and they were happy to win back-to-back championships. bobby reynolds would not play until the final match. first match men's singles kevin anderson ranks 22nd in the world and he dominated. he won his set 5-2. yesterday newcomer martina
10:54 pm
hingis won 2-3 matches. tonight 3-3. hingis ridiculous backhand volley winners -- winner. the return goes into the net. the historic play. >> to go 34 straight wins over 2 1/2 years is unbelievable and so hard to put into words what the feeling that you get once you accomplish something like that. for me personally to do it for the fans to do it for the community to do it for every single person who comes out and supports us through the six years of what our franchise has been is phenomenal. i love what we do. >> what's cool about this is that the l.a. lakers have reached out to this organization to congratulate the castles. >> lindsay murphy, thank you.
10:55 pm
>> a slithering passenger finds an interesting place downtown. >> a stunning study about people diagnosed with skin cancer returning to the tanning bed. >> if you think you have a story we should look into -- it please send us an e-mail. >> we'll be right back. >> [ mamale announcer ] you know what's so awesome abouout the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels.
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[ male announcer ] do you love prime rib? get to your local subway for the delectable, new prime rib melt built fresh from the bread up! with hearty, savory cuts of tender prime rib
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in an au jus glaze and deliciously melty provolone, bite after bite is prime rib perfection. get it made just the way you say with all the veggies you want. the new prime rib melt. it's a taste you won't soon forget, so hurry into your local subway today! subway. eat fresh. this is what my company likes to do with their food for inspection. this hamburger meat. look at all these flies. this is disgusting. all this food this is what my company likes to do to get ready for inspection. they like to put their food by the dumpster. >> this video made viral making
10:59 pm
headlines after a golden corral employee blue the whistle on his boss at work. he says they put uncovered racks of meat by the dumpster. the manager has been canned but none of the food was served to customers. >> also in florida it's pretty common to see snakes roaming around right? just not in cars. check out what some mechanics found yesterday. boa cons stricter found it's way in side the paneling of the car -- boa constriction tore -- the owner says his pet snake slipped out of his travel bag. >> the news keeps coming. shawn yancey standing by with your news edge at 11. >> we're following breaking news now out of virginia u.s. park police and herndon police served a former marine with a search warrant. they want to know if adam

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